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About Us

Mumford Dairy & Meat is located along the Oatka Creek in Mumford, New York. We have a herd of 90 Holstein cows and sell our milk commercially. In addition, we have 200 free range chickens, ducks, goats, and a herd of beef cattle. Along with purebred Angus and Angus cross, we raise American Wagyu. We are able to achieve consistent marbling with no supplemental grains, by offering supreme quality forages year-round. 

We offer beef by the whole, half, or quarter, and also as a 50 lb package. With any bulk purchase, customers can request dog bones, soup bones, and organs as an extra, free of charge. We also sell by the individual cut or we are often asked to create smaller custom packages for customers. 

We operate a small seasonal roadside vegetable and fruit stand, where we also sell our eggs year-round as we have them available. Several times per year we offer FREE farm tours so that customers can meet our animals and learn about agriculture.

Our farm takes pride in using responsible management practices with our environment—we closely monitor soil health, use no pesticides, and take great care in protecting our neighboring freshwater stream from the effects of agriculture.