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What is included in a beef box? Can I customize my box?

Beef boxes contain 50 lbs of assorted cuts including steak (porterhouse, t-bone, sirloin and sirloin tip, chuck, and ribeye), roasts, patties, and ground beef.

More specifically, a beef box contains:
15-17 lbs Steak
10-13 lbs Roast
10 lbs Ground
6 lbs Patties (4 per 1 lb pack)
5 lbs Short Ribs

There are some “typical” percentages in terms of roasts, steaks, and ground meat, but we are able to tailor each and every bulk order to your family. If you survive on burgers and meatloaf, we can up your percentage of ground meat.

Additionally, With any bulk purchase, customers can request dog bones, soup bones, and organs as an extra, free of charge.

How much freezer space is needed for a beef box?

A 50 lb beef box is similar in size to a Dole banana box. 

When buying individual cuts why is the total only an estimate?

Charging by the package is more convenient for the person packing orders, but isn’t always the best for the consumer. We prefer that our pricing be as clear as possible and not require any mental gymnastics to figure $/lb. After you fill a cart and confirm the order you’ll get an estimated price. Once we pack your order and have precise weights we'll bill your card for exactly the weight of product you receive. 

How will I get my beef?

We will be in touch when your order is ready and can arrange for pickup or delivery. We welcome farm visitors and would love to have you schedule a time to pick up your order. 

Can I purchase a quarter of beef?

Yes. We do offer quarters and halves for $3.25 /lb. hanging weight plus processing/butcher costs. A quarter of beef offers approximately 200 lbs hanging weight, with approximately 120 lbs of beef returned in cuts.